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buttloadsofclass asked: Your pencil work is fantastic and I am so inspired by it that I went out and bought this new sketchbook I've been wanting for a while and I also found a flash sale online on a colored pencil set I've wanted forever and got it and I'm working on drawings right now and ahhh I'm so excited to try getting more into pencil work. Thank you for the inspiration! :D I love the detail in the coloring you do. I just stared at the Sherlock drawings for the longest time in awe.

Thank you! I’m taken aback (and hugely flattered) that I’ve helped inspire someone to not only pick up pencils but BUY them…! All the best with them! I’d love to see what you do with them ^_^
I love that you’re loving the details, the little fiddly bits are the parts I enjoy drawing the most so it’s awesome that they’re being enjoyed by others. 
Have lots of fun with those new pencils an thanks again!

Anonymous asked: Your Sherlock art is amazing and beautiful. :) The "No Sheet Sherlock" picture is the handsomest/sexiest Sherlock art I've ever seen. I love the flowing lines and also the way you draw his face.

Thank you! So glad you like my scribbles :)
You’ve just reminded me of how tempted I am to rework that No Sheet number in colour….hmm *contemplates*

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